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Motion Sensor Night Light

Motion Sensor Night Light

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No Sleep Disruption
Fall Back To Sleep Easier
No Blue/Green Light

Experience the soothing glow of pure red light with our innovative Motion Sensor Night Light, designed to enhance safety and comfort at night while preserving your sleep environment.

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The most optimal motion sensor night light without disrupting your circadian rhythm

Say goodbye to the harsh and sleep-disrupting effects of traditional night lights. Our Motion Sensor Night Light emits a soft and calming red light, free from any blue or green wavelengths that can interfere with your sleep quality.

The sleep-friendly illumination allows you to navigate your surroundings without disturbing your body's natural sleep rhythms.

With built in flicker free technology, this zero harmful EMF Night Light is the perfect addition to your home.

Enjoy the convenience of the built-in motion sensor. Our night light automatically detects movement within its range, providing instant illumination when you need it most.

Whether it's getting a glass of water in the middle of the night or checking on your little ones, our Motion Sensor Night Light ensures you have the perfect amount of light without the need to search for switches or buttons.

With its compact and versatile design, our night light is easy to install and fits seamlessly into any space. Place it in hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, or any area where you need a gentle glow.

Motion Activated Blue Free Lighting

The Science

Optimized nighttime lighting devoid of all harsh blue and green light


Pure Red Light

Flicker Free

Zero Harmful EMF Radiation

Motion Activated Option

3 Ways to Use


Fall back to sleep quicker

Less eye strain and more relaxing

Peace of mind

Effortless instant illumination when you need it

Stand up, hang up or affix to most surfaces

Flicker Free

Devoid of irritating invisible and visible flicker

Electrically Safe

Achieved gold standard electrical safety. CE and RoHS approved

Circadian Friendly

No harmful sleep disrupting blue and green light

Spectrometer Test Results

Results: 100% of blue and green light blocked between 380nm-600nm. Beneficial red light emitted.

Model BON CHARGE Motion Sensor Night Light
Size 9.5cm x 8cm (3.74 in x 3.15 in)
Color Temperature 1200k
Wavelengths 600nm – 640nm red light
Power 2W
Battery 3.7V 800 mAh rechargeable
Brightness 85 Lumens
Light blocked 100% between 380-600nm
Material Plastic
Weight 62g

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In the improbable event of an issue with your product, we are here to help.

The Motion Sensor Night Light is flicker free.

The Motion Sensor Night Light works by triggering the emanation of pure red light when someone passes by it, at night. The Motion Sensor Night Light also has a setting which allows for the constant illumination of red light.

The Motion Sensor Night Light emits zero harmful EMF radiation.

A full charge usually takes around 2 hours.

Once fully charged the Motion Sensor Night Light can last up to 8 hours.

What Our Customers Say?

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Angela north
Top marks!

I love my motion sensor light. it's so nice to be kept sleepy before bed. The sensor is perfect & doesn't stay on too long either. Need to get something in the bathroom & bedroom now too!

Jackie Mattson
Love this light

This little light is amazing and it is definitely sensitive to movement. Makes the room bright enough to see and does not disrupt your eyes nor going back to sleep.



Boncharge Customer from the US
This light is so helpful!

I took one with me when I went up to stay at my daughter's house. We're up and down all night with a baby, and I need light to navigate the dark. When we turn on a light, the toddler wakes up. This light automatically lights our way without waking up the toddler. What a game-changer! Thank you!

Ali Thornton
I love it. It’s great!

Best thing ever.

Motion Sensor Night Light

254 kr