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They work!!!

I used my FSA to get these to help with my sleep at night. I need to be asleep by 10 but I’m just not tired and it stays light out until 9pm here. I started wearing these a couple hours before bed and they work so well to naturally assist me in getting sleepy. I usually go for narrow but loved this style and they are comfortable for me to wear!

So helpful at work!

I stare at a computer more than I prefer for work and sit under fluorescent lighting. My eyes are sensitive to overcast days as well. These glasses have been so helpful at work! I’ve even used them at home when it’s still daylight before switching to red glasses at night. These are comfortable to wear as well!

Red Light Face Mask
Shilly Riser
I love it!!

Yes, it works for me. My skin is looking younger, and the color is getting even. I am using it consistently, and I can see the results after one month of use.

A must have!

I bought this for my daughter as I already have one and it really helps me relax! She is so happy with it! It creates a calming ambience especially in the evening and at night.

Fantastic Glasses!

They have already reduced my eyestrain and I’m sleeping better !

So far so good

Feel much better after only 2 weeks. Wow and I are both getting benefits from daily use!

Love it!

This lamp has helped me immensely with my studies. I had trouble before studying at night with various lights and this lamp has provided an exceptional solution. I love the amber and red settings as I am very sensitive to blue light. The brightness adjusts easily by holding or sliding my finger on the device. Brilliant design. Battery life is pretty good as well lasting most of the day if I'm studying all day. Thank you Bon Charge for an incredible product that has helped my health and productivity!


It seems to be calming and centering and I really need that now! thank you.

Red light cheaters for reading in the evening hours - who would have thought!

Quality made 2.0 red light cheaters make reading at night pleasant. I wish I bought a 2nd pair with my original order!

Great for nighttime reading

This little clip-on night lamp is ideal for nighttime reading. It lasts quite a while before needing recharging. I would definitely buy again!

Red Light Face Wand
Teresa Snell
Great product!

I’ve used the Red Light Face Wand for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been impressed how my skin has improved. The fine lines around my eyes and mouth are less defined. The tool is very light and easy to use. I highly recommend.

Great Glasses

Great glasses!!! They help my son a lot!!! He loves them!!

Improved sleep!

Wearing these glasses before bed has been a game changer. I fall asleep faster and get more restorative and restful sleep.

Red Light Face Wand
Cindi Schooley
Super Wand

I love the transportability of this tiny, but mighty device. I can use it when I drive or ride or fly and it holds a charge for a long time.

Love it!

This wand is so easy for the busy mom to get in a few minutes of red light!! I notice a big difference in my tired eyes and crows feet!! Great price too

Great Investment

I bought this for the bathroom that I share with a couple other people in the farmhouse I live in. We used to have an obnoxious LED night light in there that I could see shining down the hallway and under my door at night, unless I covered the gap with a towel. I've never cared for artificial blue light, even before I learned of its negative effects on health, so this is the perfect replacement. I love that the brightness is adjustable, as I tend to prefer dimmer lighting. It has an ambiance you don't get with blue lighting. I'd definitely recommend this for any spot you need to light up at night, inside or out.


My sleep is super sensitive to light, so I have been wearing blackout sleep masks for 15 or so years. They always end up easily shifting on my face to let in too much light. This one doesn't let in ANY light. It's incredible! I'll be buying these for life! The price is worth it.

Red Light Face Wand
dale broderick

Not even a month of using the wand every morning for ten minutes. Photos don’t lie! Love this wand. Also have the bon charge sauna blanket. Great company!

Perfect size PEMF mat for every day

And this little mat is a perfect size. It’s easy to use on a chair as a seat Or behind the back. The adjustable heat and pimp settings are perfect. Highly recommend great product for a great price! It’s also easy to travel with due to its size.

Such a versatile night lamp

I love this lamp - have it on the bedside so I can put it on if I wake in the night without blue light waking me up more than necessary. The fact it doesn't need to plug in means I can pick it up and move around with it too - like a torch. It's also easy to pack when I travel and really useful while away from home.

Red Light Really Helps

I've been using the wand for about a week now, and notice a big difference in skin smoothness, plumpness and brightness. I use it as part of my night time routine for optimum repair time and I wake up looking rested and refreshed. I love this product!

Safe for eyes

I was using LED battery powered lights before I found out that the flicker can be a problem - and the use may have accelerate a cataract progression. I have used the red lamp in the evening and now replaced all the flickering ones with these white ones. My eyes feel rested and I am happy with them.

Red Light Face Wand
Angeline Tan
Lovely and useful tool!

Face was less puffy after using it! So it feels like it helped the lymphatic drainage of my face.

Sleeping better and MORE

I had been only getting about 6-7 hours of sleep every night. Now I'm averaging 8-9!
I feel rested in the morning and my mood has improved!
It's easy to switch between the settings. I've replaced all light bulbs in my house with these.
Worth every penny.

Comfortable with total blackout

I love this sleep mask because it is so comfortable to wear. It also provides complete darkness I bought a second one I liked it so well, Great for for travel